HAMBURG MARINE LINES PRIVATE LIMITED provides full technical management services for offshore fleet, LPG carriers, oil and chemical tankers.

Company’s tanker and offshore specialization brings many benefits to the Customers who are normally either tanker Owners or Oil Traders, as all technical staff is experienced and dedicated fully for tanker vessels services.

Technical section consists of Technical and Procurement departments. 

Technical department consists of 18 staff including Technical Director, Technical Manager, 6 Technical Superintendents, 2 Marine Superintendents. All staff working in technical department are former Chief Engineers or Masters having previous tanker experience in the ranks without exceptions. One of Technical Superintendents together with the Port Captain are permanently based in Fujairah, UAE ensuring continuous inspections of the ships.

Procurement department consists of 6 staff fully engaged with ships supply and logistic.

The advantage of our system is that each Technical Superintendent is in charge of only 3 or maximum 4 ships and they are not engaged with procurement which allows them to concentrate on the technical maintenance of the ships and to implement “preventive” type of operation.

Our company has separate Safety & Quality department consisting of S&Q Manager, Pre-Vetting Officer, DPA, CSO and Safety Officer. This department is in charge for operation of the in-house developed International Safety Management System, which enables the Management to comply with all Statutory, Class, Oil Majors, PSC requirements.

Scope of Technical Management provided by our company: